Andrea Marcello's Page

My Schedule:

1st Period 6th grade Business: 8:00-9:00
2nd Period Cluster (good time to contact me at 9:04-10:04
3rd Period 7th and 8th grade Charger News: 10:08-11:08
4th Period 6th grade Business: 11:42-12:42
5th Period 6th grade Business: 12:46-1:46
6th Period 6th grade Business: 1:50-2:50


syllabus-2017  <– My Syllabus with my classroom expectations.

Typing Club <– Where my 6th graders practice their typing. We used this website at the very beginning of Business to learn the proper and correct way to use the keyboard.



My Life in a Computer Screen <– My 6th graders did this activity on the first day of school. This activity was used to get to know my students (:

pic1 pic-2




Positive Quotes <– My 6th graders created positive posters to hang up in the classroom. These were made after having a lesson over the importance of growing from failure.

pic-5 pic-6 pic-4 pic-3


Google Drawings <– My 6th graders explored Google Drawings to express how well they can use the keyboard/Chromebook.


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3