Amy Clere's Page

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About me:  This is my fourth year at Clarksville! Before that, I taught French, Spanish and Japanese at Holy Family School (K-8) in New Albany.  I also taught for one semester at Providence High School, where I first discovered the energy and excitement in the classroom and decided to become a teacher. Before that, I was a stay-at-home mom and before that, a photojournalist. I have worked for what was then the New Albany Tribune and the Louisville Courier-Journal.  I also worked at a daily newspaper in France called Le Bien Public. Journalism is a fabulous career and so is teaching.  I learn amazing things every day from your children!   My daily schedule is below:  

7:55-8:45    Period 1   FRENCH I                        CHS, Room A302

8:49-9:39   Period 2   FRENCH I                        CHS, Room A302

9:43-10:33 Period 3   FRENCH II and III        CHS, Room A302

10:27-11:27 Period 3   FRENCH I                        CMS, Room A1

11:30-1:00  Period 4   Planning/Lunch            CMS

1:05-2:05    Period 5   PUBLICATIONS            CMS, Room A1

2:20-3:10    Period 7   GERMAN II and III      CHS, Room A302

FRENCH I Syllabus

FRENCH II Syllabus