While students across the district are readying for respite from classes and homework, there’s something else that Holiday Break brings: time off from school lunches and breakfasts. Though not all students struggle with food insecurity, there is a safety net for those who do. 

Renaissance Academy students spent their Wednesday morning preparing more than 100 food bags that will go home with certain students throughout the corporation before break starts. Items filling the bags include pop tarts, canned soup, fruit snacks, instant noodles and popcorn; meals that children can easily open and prepare on their own. Ahead of Wednesday, Renaissance Academy students took inventory of the food donations they received and shopped to fill any gaps. Bags of food items are sent home before each of the three school  breaks in the year. 

Senior Jordan Cunningham, who has helped assemble bags for four years now, said “it’s a cool way to see what the community does for the school and being a part of that is nice. I don’t live in Clarksville, so it’s nice to say you’re a part of something in the community.”

Cunningham also said he will be able to enjoy his time off a little more knowing that other students in the community are taken care of and not going without. 

The event is made possible by Clarksville Cares, a nonprofit that works within the school district. For more information on Clarksville Cares and how you can help, head here