Clarksville High School is using a new high-tech tool to help communicate with current students, their parents- and alumni who have graduated over the past 65 years. A touchscreen legacy board has been added to D Lobby where you can navigate through athletic schedules and upcoming school events.






It’s similar to a museum experience, with various content you can browse through showcasing decades of Clarksville Schools history and tradition all in one place. There’s an option to view all of Clarksville High School’s archived yearbooks and read about Clarksville athletes who have made it into the Hall of Fame. Content will continue to be uploaded as we head into the 2022-2023 school year including academic recognitions such as scholarship achievements, Top 10 Honors, Valedictorians and Salutatorians and other achievements.






While all this information is accessible on the touchscreen- it’s also available to anyone who has the internet through a link on on either the Alumni Association page or the Athletics page. You can also access the content here:

“Acquiring this new innovative tool was a priority for Clarksville Community Schools because of the unique opportunity to communicate and connect with both current students and families and alumni who have left the Southern Indiana area,” says Superintendent Dr. Tina Bennett.  “It’s amazing that a General who graduated in 1958 can pull up their entire high school yearbook to show their grandchildren with just the click of a mouse.”






“The legacy board will be a great way for our alumni and community to stay connected to the history and current events at Clarksville Community Schools, specifically CHS,” says Clarksville High School Principal Adrienne Goldman.

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