Students in Clarksville Community Schools Corp. are already pretty good at earning their high school diplomas. In 2018, 99.1 percent of students graduated from the system according to new data from the Indiana Department of Education. That rate surpasses state and federal averages as well as the rates of neighboring school districts.

But students in Clarksville Community Schools aren’t just graduating with their high school diploma — many are earning college credits before they even don their cap and gown.

In the past five years, nearly 500 Clarksville students earned more than 3,000 college credits in the course of their high school education.

Students have access to a number of dual credit courses (classes which earn both high school and college credit), including Macroeconomics, Psychology, French, Spanish, Calculus, Creative Writing and Intro to Literature. These classes are taught at Clarksville High School, Renaissance Academy or on campus at Ivy Tech Sellersburg.

The classes are completely free to students so long as they receive a C or better. In the 2017/18 school year alone, the district spent more than $126,000 on these courses, ensuring that finances don’t prevent a student from earning as much college credit as they want. 

Don’t just take our word for it — learn from recent graduates just how these courses helped them succeed.


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