Clarksville Community Schools

Small School Community.

Big Opportunities. 

Clarksville Community Schools

Small School Community.

Big Opportunities. 

Clarksville Community Schools

Small School Community.

Big Opportunities. 

Clarksville Community Schools

Small School Community.

Big Opportunities. 

In the heart of Southern Indiana, just two minutes off I-65, Clarksville Community Schools works to meet and exceed the needs of our school community. Our 97 percent graduation rate outpaces state and most local averages and one out of every three of our graduates earn an honors diploma.

Beyond that, our small size and interconnected campus allows us to bring warmth and personal touch to our families, but we still offer the same academics, athletics and other opportunities that our surrounding school districts have. Hence our tagline “Small School Community. Big Opportunities.”

Our alumni go on to become doctors, lawyers, ministers, business owners, professors, professional athletes and more. With more families than ever choosing Clarksville Community Schools for their student’s education, we grow each year and look forward to your family growing with us!


What is the culture like at CCSC?

Our size and interconnected campus give us the opportunity to create a positive, family-like atmosphere for all students, from preschool through senior year. We know each student and family and are able to provide an education that is fulfilling not only academically but emotionally and socially as well.

What makes CCSC different from other school districts?

We offer the same robust curriculum, extra- and co-curricular programs and technology as larger school corporations with the warmth and community support only possible in a district our size. Our interconnected campus and small numbers allow our staff and school community to know each student personally and make certain our students are on their best path, from elementary school through graduation.

How does technology support teaching and learning in the classroom?

We are what is considered a blended learning environment. Starting in Kindergarten and throughout the course of their time at CCSC, students will use technology such as Chromebooks and iPads in the course of their education. 


How do you support children with different learning styles and needs?

We are a fully inclusive learning environment with leveled instruction and enrichment and remediation and programs at all levels. We know that each student is different and work to meet students where they are and work with parents to ensure everyone is in sync with each other.

What are the extra- and cocurricular offerings for students?

Extra- and co-curricular offerings for our students can fluctuate based on student need. We know that a student’s success is often tied to how connected they feel to their school and for that reason are always measuring our student engagement and making changes as necessary. We consistently offer athletics, theater, music, and various clubs for students in each building.

What is Renaissance Academy?

Renaissance Academy is a New Tech Model High School that, while under Clarksville High School’s umbrella, is housed off-campus in its own building on Eastern Boulevard.

Renaissance Academy focuses on preparing learners for the workforce through project-based learning, group projects and acquiring 21st Century skills.

Learn more about Renaissance Academy by visiting the school’s web page here.

How do I know if CCSC is right for my family?

We don’t just encourage every family to tour their prospective school before applying for admission, we actually require it. We understand that your child will spend a significant portion of their time with us and want them to feel comfortable and at home in their school.

To schedule this tour, call the school you’re interested in or send us a message in the contact form found at the bottom of each school’s individual page.

Is there an active Parent Teacher Organization?

We have an active PTO at both Clarksville Elementary School and Clarksville Middle School! These two organizations are responsible for many fun events throughout the school year, including our Cookies with Santa, Walk-a-Thon and several dances and other fundraisers.

How is bullying addressed?
Bullying is addressed proactively rather than reactively through character education and social-emotional learning. In instances of verifiable bullying, we have a 0 tolerance policy. More information can be found in each school’s student handbook.


“It’s like a family for my children. They’ve loved every teacher they’ve had or that’s there and they’re excited to be there. I would describe Clarksville schools as a family. That’s really the only way to describe it.”

Ashley Gilmore

Mother of two CES students

“I like the small classrooms, tight-knit community, and more one-on-one attention. Everyone is helpful and helps one another. Both of my boys love it here and my girls did, too”

Christina Ramirez

Mother of current students & graduates

“We have struggled with helping [Charlie] learn how he learns differently and what works best for him and all of the research and doctor visits and therapy all recommended a place that allowed him a place that allowed him to think outside the box. When he came to the open house at Renaissance Academy he said they speak my language here. This feels like home.”

Joni Pearson

Mother of current RA student

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