Clarksville High School Basics of the College Admission Process – Graduating Year


Retake the SAT/ACT, if desired

  • Dates for these tests are posted in the Guidance Office and online under Testing Information.
  • Be aware of deadlines; registration deadlines are about 4 weeks before the test.
  • Clarksville HS CEEB# is 150535 (school code) for both the SAT and ACT.  

Apply online

  • Apply to the school(s) of your choice online at the college/university website, Common Application (if applicable), or Coalition for College Application (if applicable) . Once you have submitted your application electronically, complete a Transcript Request through Parchment. Your school counselor will process your transcript and a Secondary School Report (counselor recommendation), if needed. A student brag sheet must be on file with the Guidance Office.
  • If you need letters of recommendation, you may request those from teachers, coaches, counselors, or other community members of your choice. Remember to give recommenders at least a two-week notice in order to complete a thorough letter of recommendation.
  • Inform Guidance of your college acceptances and scholarship offers!


  • Opportunities may be posted online through the counseling website, announcements, and in-person through the counseling office.

College Representatives

  • The Guidance Office will schedule and announce these visits.
  • Sign up on the sign-up sheets in the Guidance Office to meet with representatives, if applicable.
  • Check Scoir, announcements, or the Guidance Secretary to see the schools that will be visiting.

College Campus Visits

  • These are limited to three school days 12th grade year and one day (2nd semester only) 11th grade year; other visits can be scheduled on free days, holidays, etc.
  • Select “non-critical” days (i.e. exam days are critical).
  • Confirm date with college you plan to visit.
  • Use your days wisely-it is important to investigate the schools that you are seriously considering.

Financial Aid

  • FAFSA must be completed online at; not available until October 1.
  • Student and Parent/Guardian must create a FSA ID to confirm identity.  Click HERE.
  • FAFSA forms are due to the federal processor by April 15.  Some universities choose earlier deadlines.  Know your school’s deadlines.
  • Some schools also require a form known as the PROFILE and/or a supplemental FAF in order to award financial aid. Schools will vary in what they will have you fill out-be sure to fill all paperwork out before the deadline.
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