Click the IMAGE below for a listing of dual credit courses.  Additional information is under the scheduling link.

Ivy Tech Community College: 

Clarksville High School and Renaissance Academy, in a partnership with Ivy Tech Community College, offers a College Ready Core or an Associate’s Degree in General Education.  In order to take advantage of dual credit offerings, students need to complete a dual credit application.  Students only need to complete the Dual Credit on-line application ONE time (while in HS).  Students interested in earning dual credit are required to complete the on-line dual credit application (which will generate an Ivy Tech ID with C#).  Students will need their SSN# in order to fill out the application.  A paper application can be submitted for those students who do not have a SS#.  Ivy Tech will provide a paper application (upon request).  A student must qualify through PSAT, SAT, ACT, Knowledge Assessment, or GPA (GPA of 2.6 or above is for juniors and seniors only, not including math).

Applying for Dual Credit:

Want to track credits toward an Indiana College Core or Associate’s Degree?  Click the LINK below:

ICC/AGS Tracking Sheet

Need to complete the Knowledge Assessments to qualify for Ivy Tech Community College dual credit?  See the INSTRUCTIONS below:

Knowledge Assessment ENGLISH Instructions

Knowledge Assessment MATH (STEM) Instructions

Indiana University (Advance College Project-ACP):  

Clarksville High School offers a chemistry w/lab through the ACP project.  A student must have a 2.7 or above.