Click the IMAGE below for a listing of dual credit courses.  Additional information is under the scheduling link.

Ivy Tech Community College: 

Clarksville High School and Renaissance Academy, in a partnership with Ivy Tech Community College, offers an Indiana College Core or an Associate’s Degree in General Studies.  In order to take advantage of dual credit offerings, students need to complete a dual credit application.  Students only need to complete the Dual Credit on-line application ONE time (while in HS).  Students interested in earning dual credit are required to complete the on-line dual credit application (which will generate an Ivy Tech ID with C#).  Students will need their SSN# in order to fill out the application.  A paper application can be submitted for those students who do not have a SS#.  Ivy Tech will provide a paper application (upon request).  A student must qualify through PSAT, SAT, ACT, Knowledge Assessment, or GPA (GPA of 2.6 or above is for juniors and seniors only, not including math).

Applying for Dual Credit:

Want to track credits toward an Indiana College Core or Associate’s Degree?  Click the LINK below:

ICC/AGS Tracking Sheet

Need to complete the Knowledge Assessments to qualify for Ivy Tech Community College dual credit?  See the INSTRUCTIONS below:

Knowledge Assessment ENGLISH Instructions

Knowledge Assessment MATH (STEM) Instructions

Indiana University (Advance College Project-ACP):  

Clarksville High School offers a chemistry w/lab through the ACP project.  A student must have a 2.7 or above.

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