Board Info

How to address the board

Anyone living within the district’s boundaries or a group representing residents in the district wanting to make general comments to the Board may do so during the “Comments from Citizens” section of the planning and regular session agendas.

Those wanting to talk before the Board during a planning session may sign in at the meeting place. Those wanting to address the board during a regular meeting will need to submit a written request three days prior to the scheduled board meeting. The request must contain the name of the speaker and topic to be addressed.

The following process will be used for those wanting to address the Board:

  • Resolutions to questions or concerns are to be addressed first at the building level and then with the superintendent prior to being brought to the Board.
  • Those addressing the Board shall speak in a manner suitable for a public forum.
  • Those speaking shall refrain from any personal references or attacks.
  • Time limits may be imposed depending on the number of people requesting to speak.

The Board president may use his/her discretion in imposing time limits on those wanting to talk and may require that only new information be submitted when comments and/or questions from one or more people are repetitious in nature.

Comments and questions at the planning and regular meetings may deal with any topic related to the operation of the district with the exception of items relating to school personnel if the comment or question is deemed inappropriate for a public meeting by the “Rights to Privacy Act.” The Board has the responsibility to protect its employees in matters covered by this law.

Any person or group wanting Board action on a specific issue should notify the superintendent of the request in writing prior to the scheduled meeting.  The number is 812-282-7753.

Common Questions: 


The superintendent is a professional educator employed by the Board to carry out adopted policies and to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the schools. The superintendent works with building level administrators who assist with building level responsibilities. The superintendent is not a member of the Board.

The superintendent prepares the agenda for each Board meeting. This agenda becomes the order of business for the meeting. The agenda for each Board meeting is posted for public information prior to the meeting. Once a meeting is called to order, no changes in the agenda can be made without the consent of the majority of the Board.


Board meetings are for acting upon recommendations of the superintendent, adopting the annual budget and tax rates, adopting policies and authorizing the spending of funds. Although any matter may come before the Board, most school-related issues are handled through administrative channels.


Planning sessions are the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Presentation Studio 103 at Renaissance Academy, unless announced otherwise. Regular board meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the same location, unless announced otherwise. Special or emergency meetings may be at different times and locations on an as-needed basis.


All planning sessions, regular, special and emergency Board meetings are open to the public. Executive sessions are private, but only certain issues are allowed to be discussed by law, such as an employee’s review. No official action may be taken in executive session. All Board action must be taken in public.