CHS Band and Choir

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Clarksville High School students have the great opportunity to be a part of the CHS Band and/or CHS Choir.

CHS Band: Band students under the direction of Rob Nickerson will continue to develop and hone their musical abilities. Students will learn to perform multiple genres of music and will have the opportunity to be a part of beginning, intermediate, advanced concert band, jazz ensemble, solo events including solo and ensemble, all district band and The Morehead University Band Clinic.

CHS Choir: Members of the CHS Choir will learn how to sing with proper posture, breath support, diction and tone. Singers will discover how to read and notate music at a more advanced level and to sing in three and four part harmony. Students will be singing various genres of music including pop, Broadway, classical and jazz in classes including Choral Chamber Choir, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Choir.

Multiple concerts, solo and ensemble contest opportunities will be available for students to be a part of and attend.

Concert dates and times will be announced when scheduled and finalized.

Choir Director

Emily Stewart

Rob Nickerson
Band Director