CHS Academics

Clarksville High School offers a wide selection of courses so students can choose subjects that best fit their individual needs, interests and abilities.

A Curriculum Handbook is presented to each student in the spring of each year in an effort to assist students in planning their classes for the coming year.

Although the counseling department works hard to make students aware of the requirements for graduation, it is the responsibility of each student to be aware of his/her individual needs.

Careful and accurate planning on the part of the student is very important. Students must realize that course selection is for the entire year. Classes may not be dropped unless errors have been made. All changes must be approved by the director of counseling.

Indiana’s standard diploma is the college prep CORE 40 diploma. CHS students are also given the opportunity to work toward the CORE 40 with academic honors diploma, or the CORE 40 with technical honors diploma. Information regarding these diploma tracks can be obtained through the counseling office.

To view the Clarksville High School Program Guide for the 2019-20 school year, CLICK HERE!